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Also known as T'ai Chi Ch'uan or Taijiquan, a centuries old system, is an ancient Chinese method of exercise for health and longevity. Tai Chi is moving meditation that combines postures and movements into an elegant and gentle flowing form, which by design stretches and strengthens many of the muscles and tendons of the body as well as enhances the circulation of the blood.


Originally developed in China as a very formidable martial art, today most of the millions of people that practice the art of Tai Chi do so for it's considerable health benefits. Tai Chi is a flowing, graceful exercise that stabilizes the balance, increases flexibility, and reduces stress. It requires no special clothing, equipment, or skills and comfort is the operative word here. It can be practiced by people of all ages and body types. All that is needed is a willingness to learn and spend some time for continuous practice.


Exercise in general will boost the immune system to ward off illness and maintain health. Tai Chi is fast becoming one of the more popular exercise systems in the western world. It's slow soothing movements incorporate deep breathing and the relaxing postures cleanse the mind and body each time you flow through the gentle movements.


Stroll through our site to see if Tai Chi can benefit you (class description). Our classes are in the Will County, Illinois area and are sponsored by the Senior Services Centers of Will County.

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